This title in and of itself is amusing to me, because “down time” is not something that really exists in my life. I always need to be doing things. I am always either writing (or something related), thinking about my class, doing something crafty, researching people who are on the shows I’m watching… I can’t just relax, despite the fact that I am on Spring Break. While my kiddos are galavanting through warm-weathered locations, I am actively studying for my teacher certification test that I will take on Friday…

Today, I was watching Sex and the City after taking my practice test, and, as usual, I could not relegate myself to just sit there and enjoy whatever it was that the women got themselves into this time.

So in this so-called “down time,” I used my laptop to not look at apartments in my preferred county of employment (as I usually do), but I decided to decorate the apartment I do not have. I pretended I had an excess $5,000, as though I am not dipping into my emergency fund just to buy groceries as a student teacher.

That being said, my imaginary apartment will be beautiful and very cozy, as long as my boyfriend also likes one of the many options I have chosen for eight different categories of furniture and decorations.

6 thoughts on “DOWN TIME

  1. I am the same way at times – it can be very difficult to simply put everything down and let yourself relax. it is good for your mind if your technology in not near you when you are reading or trying to watch a show (so you can just enjoy)


  2. I love doing this as well! I’ve lived in my home for 5 years and I’d much rather decorate than deal with things like replacing windows and the furnace (it’s not quite as exciting!)


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