It is amazing to me how adults can still be so affected by their parents.

What their parents think of them.

Of their life choices.

I always think of myself as independent and in control.

Yet I get angry at times, and I cannot figure out why.

But the other night, I figured out why.

Because when you are an adult, sometimes trying your best is not enough for your parents.

This canvas once held the handprints of my very first class that I ever worked with.

Not like when you were four.

Or being yourself.

That is not always enough either.

So, I apologize that the painting I gave still had letters visible from my past that I have painted over

like I have on so many other occasions that I cannot even count,

because things just bleed through sometimes.



Even the present, and who you are in this exact moment

whether the other person likes it or not.

So, I am sorry about the painting. It has four layers of paint now

where the letters were bleeding through

and that is still not enough to cover it up.

Perhaps you can forgive me for not being able to hide the parts you do not seem to like.

5 thoughts on “SUBTEXT (A POETIC VENT)

  1. This is powerful and beautiful…I didn’t so much read bitter as much as sadness. It’s hard to accept that even as adults we can be hurt and disappointed by and in our parents…sometimes at the same time. I guess some things are harder to outgrow than others. Thank you for slicing!

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  2. I can really feel your sadness and frustration at not being able to do something to please your parents. I totally get how you are feeling and hopefully, I have given my daughters a different perspective.

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  3. Moms! They can be very difficult. I find I understand my mom both more and less now that I am an adult. It’s no fair that your mom is so focused on the faults that she can’t get lost in the tropical sunset. I love the poetic form this piece takes.


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