Junior year of high school

There is a book that you

think I only read simply because two

boys fall in love and that

is the kind of story that I like.

But when I read of these

simple things, like falling in love, I can

Senior year of high school (cue partial long-distance)

only think of you as the words

fly down the pages and remind me

of the beginning days, after

the crushes and after the years

of confusion

down to when we finally knew

what the other person wanted.

Freshman year of college (cue long-distance)

These words on the page of a book

feel comfortable and familiar and warm

just as you do.

Because now, we are so

very in love, but there was that

Sophomore year of college (cue study abroad)

exciting and debilitating and exhilerating

time in which we were not quite

there yet, but we were still

teetering on the edge, and I cannot

describe just how much

I loved that feeling, and I crave

Junior year of college (cue still long distance)

to feel it again. Not with anyone

else, but with you because it was just

so fun to fall in love

with you.

I know now how the happy ending

goes, because I live it each day, but these books

transport me back into

This year! (aaaand still long distance)

our journey that got us where

we are, and there is something

lovely in that idea.

6 thoughts on “READ IT AGAIN

  1. Much like the idea of continually falling in love with your beloved, your poem is lovely. It made me smile and think about how I very much feel the same way with mine, a man I’ve been with through more highs and lows than I can count, for nearly 14 years. This poem is beautiful. Thank you for sharing it with all of us!

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  2. Your poem struck a chord with me. I do love YA books because I can see so much of myself in so many of those characters and their story. It is a great time in my life to revisit, over and over.


  3. That’s a long time to be together. It’s lovely that you’ve stayed together during a time in life when lot of people grow apart. Will you be living close to each other after you graduate?? (FINALLY!?)


    1. That’s the plan! As long as I can get a job in that area. I’ll be schmoozing at a career fair with sixteen districts I like next week, so I’m hoping for the best.


  4. I loved seeing your relationship through pictures! My boyfriend and I met my junior year of college (his sophomore year) when I was 20 and he was 19! We are now 27 and 26, and so filled with love just like you and your man 🙂 Congratulations on finding someone perfect for you!


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