I simply cannot find the words to express just how much I wish I could be your superhero. I want to save the day. I want to solve your problems, and I want to banish the clouds that dot your mind when you begin to think to much

or compare yourself too much to others

or to tell yourself too many negative things that you just shut down.

I want to be the person to save you from all that. From your anxiety. From your social struggles. From your emotional outbursts, just because as a ten year old, you have trouble asking for attention without admitting weakness to yourself. From your lack of positive body image. From your dipping self-esteem.

Couldn’t I just save you from your monsters? Wouldn’t that make everything so much easier? Wouldn’t it nice to know that you had a superhero by your side forever who could help you take on your demons so you can feel as wonderful and strong and beautiful as everyone but you knows you are? Wouldn’t it just be perfect if I was not just with you for a year? That you would not have to leave me in June and hope your next teacher will be your superhero, too?

Wouldn’t that be nice?

3 thoughts on “SUPERHERO

  1. Thank you for sharing! It is so hard to see our students suffer but it is clear you care greatly for your students and they know this and I’m sure it means the world to them.


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