I am sitting in my seminar with teachers from my district being tasked to write about my day so that I can further study how writing can impact teaching practices… by writing. And I am thinking to myself, “Well, this sounds awfully familiar…”

So, here I am, not necessarily writing about my day, but finding it interesting that this topic of teachers writing to become better writing teachers is becoming more widespread. These teachers wrote a book that they’re (slightly) promoting over the next half an hour, but I like this format, too. This interactive format or teachers helping teachers write through writing. Lots of repetition, but then also lots of reinforcement. I like the community-building across states and districts that hardly ever cross my mind. I like feeling close to people who are far.

I also am learning to advocate to teachers that writing is the best way to help with… writing. But, I think I’ll be sticking to this medium for now in order to help.


8 thoughts on “TEACHERS WHO WRITE

  1. Love that you turned your attendance at this workshop into your blog post for today! Yes, it is great that the word is getting out that teachers should write. Write on!


  2. I think it’s amazing that you’re in the midst of student teaching doing the work that we hope so many new elementary teachers will do. Kudos to you for knowing what best practice is and for acting on it. Your future classes will be so much better off because they have a teacher who is also a writer.

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  3. It is still “news” to so many teachers I work with. I am working on a project this year and asked everyone in the project to blog about our learning. I have written so many times, but many others have written just once. They clearly proclaim that they are not teachers who write, and don’t see it as an important thing. It’s great that you know how important it is early in your career!

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