This is my four-year-old fish, Drogo. It is exciting when he is awake and not napping, since he’s so old. In fact, he’s swimming around as I type this, and I am very happy.
  1. One of my least ,motivated writers sat down two write a three sentence letter to his pen pal. It took his twenty minutes because he wanted to use his neatest handwriting.
  2. All of my students are becoming master letter writers because of our Pen Pal letter exchange.
  3. The students remembered that I will enforce rules despite the week off for Spring Break and finally quieted down during read-to-self time after approximately the fourteenth kind reminder.
  4. All of the students remembered to thank one of our friends for bringing in birthday treats, and no one ate until everyone had one WITHOUT any reminders.
  5. Despite it being the first day back from break, all of the students put forth maximum effort on their pre-assessment for the new math unit.
  6. At least four of my students remember how to add fractions with unlike denominators from earlier in the year without explicit instruction.
  7. We made it to lunch time!
  8. My mentor was very impressed with my PECT scores, and I like knowing that he is proud of me.
  9. My mentor approved of the framework I made independently to facilitate a new read aloud that connects to THREE of our core subjects. (Moon of Two Dark Horses by Sally M. Keehn
  10. About half of the students were able to focus after our first recess back from break and insightfully contribute to our reading discussion.
  11. We made it to the end of the day!
  12. It was actually warm and sunny when I walked outside to leave.
  13. My low-range for my singing voice is definitely improving making it much easier to sing Weezer songs.
  14. My boyfriend was in a good mood and not emotionally smote from a long day of looking for more jobs.
  15. I made it out of CVS in under $2.00.
  16. My fish was awake when I came into my apartment.
  17. I received a glowing review on one of my novels from a friend of my father’s.
  18. I successfully wrote a cover letter and figured out what paperwork I need to do in order to substitute in my classroom after I graduate without becoming too stressed.
  19. I just did the most relaxing yoga session.
  20. I did not forget to write my slice until I was about to get into bed.

2 thoughts on “SMALL VICTORIES

  1. this is great! I like that you mentioned with school even the small moments (quietly reading after the fourteenth time! ha) it can be tough, but the little things even if it wasn’t a full victory is good to pick out


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