So, I was once blonde. I had long hair, still completely identified as a woman, and dropped a lot of money on a professional stylist. At least one of these was a good choice at the time (hint: it was having a professional stylist).

Now, I am at the point where I want blonde hair again. I went dark again in boxed dyes and then red for a while for my boyfriend, but after a month, I did not want to have red hair anymore.

The only thing I tend to be impulsive about is my hair, so I did not want to wait until my hair grew out and the red went away. Oh no, I am much too impatient for that.

So I tried to dye my hair red with Warm Golden Blonde.

The results: Still red.

Then, a month later, I tried to go for a brighter blonde.

The results: Still red.

So I laid off for a while. I got blonde shampoo, hoping to bring out any inkling of blonde that might have stuck to my hair. It worked sometimes, but mostly, it just made my hair brighter. When taking pictured the other day at the wolf reserve I realized something: my hair was not only red, but it was now Peter Pan-level red. Something was to be done.

SO I yet again got a blonde dye. THIS blonde dye from a box promised to dye hair blonde from a dark brown while keeping your hair damage free (how fancy). So, I went for it.

The results: Now my roots are bright blonde, and they fade into a beautiful(?) Peter Pan red.

What I have learned: At least I know the blonde works and I like the shade. Now, in about a month when my hair gets too long and I finally cut it again, I may finally actually be blonde. HOWEVER, buying three boxes of dye was still cheaper than going to the salon. Do I recommend doing this? Absolutely not. Will I probably buy another box of dye next month? Most likely.

So basically, I learned nothing.

3 thoughts on “A REVIEW ON MY OWN HAIR

  1. Haha this is great! I love that the stylist was the one of three that was a good thing for you.

    I actually had a very similar experience with my hair. It was red or reddish, or fading to red for a looooong time. I did eventually just cut off all that was once red and start over. Good luck!


  2. Haha haha! I love that you will buy another box of dye next month. Isn’t it funny how there are always things we do that don’t work out well, yet we keep doing them? Argh! Such is life, right?


  3. I have never dyed my hair, but I do know that once you dye it from blonde and want to go back – it always requires a bleach (otherwise your hair will just mix with the blonde like yours did). glad you were somewhat satisfied with the final result and didn’t spend a bunch of money!


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