Now I am awake at the time I usually wake up for school, drinking coffee and watching the rainbow sunrise burst from the horizon.

Now I am at the testing center, being seated at station twelve – consequently, my favorite number.

Now I am one step closer to being a certified teacher, having passed well above the cut scores and even scoring highest on my weakest module in the practice exams.

Now I am going the wrong way down the highway but taking a surprise detour through one of the districts in which I will be applying for within the next several weeks.

Now I am home. I am celebrating with RuPaul and Seamus and my mom.

Now I am documenting Seamus playing in the snow on the deck. He has learned how to fill his ball up with snow so he can continually eat it. Smart boy.

Evidence of Seamus being too smart for his own good.

Now I am at the theater, eagerly awaiting the conclusion of the How to Train Your Dragon trilogy, prepared for tears.

Now I am impressed that I only cried four times.

Now I am extremely full on Chili’s, and that was an excellent choice.

Now I am rereading the first half of my novel and realizing how many minuscule details I ignored the longer the book got and making mental notes on future edits.

Now I am sucked into Pose, because yay trans community.

Now I am in bed with Seamus being frustrated at me for having my computer light shining, as though it is not I who own this twin bed, but him.

Goodnight, all.

5 thoughts on “NOW I AM

  1. I love the structure of this post! The repetition really keeps you engaged 🙂 and Seamus is adorable! Also congrats on daily posting – I’m your “welcome wagon” cheerleader this month and you are doing amazing.

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  2. What a smart dog! I miss my Golden. Congratulations on passing your test. Sounds like all your preparation paid off. How exciting to be driving through the place where you hope to drive every day next school year!

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